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The best place for beach sport on Flores island is surfing on an unspoiled beach. Rako beach situated at Hewa village in east Flores is apparently the one and only beach that offers beautiful white sand beach and huge waves for surfing. As seen on video is a festival ceremony held on April 17 – 27, 2019 to promoting the original culture of Lamaholot tribe and also the opening ceremony of surfing on Rako beach.

Rako beach is a-must-visited beach on Flores for those who love beach sports. There will be another cultural festival ceremony in east Flores and Adonara that will be held on September 21 – 29 2019. So come and enjoy with us.

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The hidden paradise ofthe east.

One of the most stunning natural beauties in Flores is the volcanic rocks that one can see from a distance of about 4 up to 9 miles away in the jungle somewhere around Wuko mountain. It looks more spectacular especially when the sunset hits the peak that sometimes you can see it like a mount of gold without a miner. God is too great to explain in words.

How to get there?

To get to this place is pretty easy if you are somewhere closer to this place. You can hire a bike from Maumere or from Larantuka or go on a guided tour so you can see more beautiful attractions on the way. The best time to go there is early morning before sunrise. Take a soft trek through Diwareden hill situated not far away from Hewa village. Either way, you can go from Bolan hill near Rako beach situated in the southern part of Hewa village. Another option is by taking a day trek to Wuko mountain so you can see the whole view of the ocean from both sides.

For this trip, you must spend a night at Hewa village situated in the south eastern part of the border between east Flores and Sikka village.

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Our Culture is interesting. Here you will learn more about folklores, folk songs and agricultural rites. All you can see here is the real ceremonial performance. If you could come to witness the ceremony, you would also join in the ritual ceremony. Aural histories about traditional agriculture and how they practise in the real life is delivered in songs. It usually held every July and August of the year. So, why not join this with us?


Here is another interesting culture in Flores where you will see traditional dance “Ja’i dance” which is usually performed in group. It usually takes place at the village’s yard during the ceremony of a new house in the village of BELA RAGHI IN BAJAWA



Here is what it is usually called the village above the cloud. Waerebo is situated at the very off the beaten area far away on the mountain. Here you will see people live in a very primitive life, no internet connection, no car and no television. It is an amazing place to feel the real nature.

Waerebo village and its real culture and life on earth.

Coming Soon! Bale Nagi Festival – Raco Beach – Flores Timur – NTT – Indonesia

Don’t miss out this very special moment!

Annual festival and the grand opening of surfing is going to be held by the local government of East Flores regency and will be taken place at Raco Beach surfing area. The opening ceremony will be going on by the date of 6th at Oa Beach and will end up by the 27th of April 2019.

During the 22 days of the festival activity, there will be a great number of art and culture attractions performed at the main venue of Raco and Oa beach. As scheduled by the East Flores’ local government of tourism of art and culture, plenty of optional attractions including traditional ceremonies, mount hiking, surfing and visiting to all place of interests in East Flores region. All Catholic pilgrimers can also take part in this ceremony before heading to the Cathedral Reinha Rosary Larantuka.

Professional Surfers from Nembrala surfing center are also invited to join the grand opening ceremony at Raco beach. They will have been prepared a few weeks before the opening ceremony to train the surf begginers to study surf.

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Flores is the second larger island among the 566 islands in the province of east Nusa Tenggara (Lesser Sunda island) Indonesia. The island’s most fascinating nature is the three natural changing colored lakes Kelimutu and it’s world’s most known giant Lizard Varanus Komodoensis. Flores is also known for its incredibly unique culture and with numbers of spoken doalects.

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Bena is the most traditional village on Flores. Take a 5 days Flores overland trip and you will see this place. 250$/person based on 2 people traveling together in sharing basis
Waerebo is the most off the beaten area located on the mountain. The walk-up through the rain forest is a good moment to feel the real nature of Flores. 300$/person based on 2 people traveling together in sharing basis
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